Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

I think this whole thing is laughable. He is ABSOLUTELY lying. She refuses a paternity test. She lives in a home arranged by an "aide" to the campaign and recieves her child support checks from a close friend of John Edwards. Further, she was hired to produce videos for the campaign with no prior experience. C'mon. I think this is a not so uncommon scenario. The trapped adulterer is admitting to pieces of the truth. He will never completely confess absent irrefutable evidence. Proof that he is far from honest and far from the moral leader he proposed himself to be and quite frankly, there is NO excuse for adultery. I wish I was disappointed but I think it is typical behavior from a narcisstic politician.

"Screwing around" is not a private matter whenever someone runs for President of the USA, of course. There are legal ways to obtain DNA from the "love" child. There is DNA testing now that tests from a DNA sample left by a finger onto cloth. John Edward's "love" chid will be leaving DNA in public settings and it will be tested. The truth will come out and Elizabeth and their children are going to be hurt even further. The innocent "love" child is being "screwed." A lot of people are being "screwed" by John Edwards. I think he's the baby's father and the late-night hotel meeting was to instruct Rielle to refuse a DNA test. That way Edwards can look all lily-white and say, "I'd take a DNA test" when in reality he doesn't want one. He's probably paying off the guy who is saying he is the father, too.
He's still lying if he's saying the affair was over in 2006. Obviously, if he met her in a hotel room a few weeks ago, he's STILL seeing her. No one would buy the story that he went there to meet with this otherman and her and left at 2:00 a.m. if nothing was going on. He has no one to blame but himself. My heart aches for Elizabeth

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